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Got 2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue

$8.99  $9.99

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  • Feels like gel, holds like glue
  • Strongest hold ever
  • Non-sticky, no-flake formula
  • Feels like gel, holds like glue!

    • Extreme styles
    • This gel's hold is no joke!
    • So put it down and slowly back away if you're not up for certain extreme styles!
    • This non-sticky, no-flake formula is powered by a high-tech, styling agent-we call Alpha XTR
    • Call it what you want, it lets you take your hair to new heights
    • Or do your own thing and cement your individual style
    • And when the party comes to an end, easily un-glue with a little shampoo
    • Go ahead-style away!

    4: Vertical styles:

    • Non-sticky
    • No flakes
    • Crazy hold

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