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Membership TERMS

Gratuities on services are not included in the monthly price. Discounts on products and tools apply to in-store purchases only. Discounts and membership experiences are non-transferrable and can only be used by Member. To redeem membership benefits and/or discounts, Members must provide their name and identify themselves as a Texture Club Member. Any attempt to transfer benefits under Texture Club may result in automatic cancellation of membership. 

All Dolled Up reserves the right to request proper identification from a Member before providing discounts or benefits under Texture Club For a full list of participating All Dolled UP.  locations, please visit

Members also agree to allow ADU to communicate via mail, email, phone (including text messages), external websites and various other channels. ADU may use these channels to communicate with Member about account status, program changes, Related Rules, special offers or promotions, or other matters ADU believes may be of interest to Member. Membership can be cancelled at any time, without penalty. Memberships must be cancelled in-store or via email. 

To cancel your membership, please send your name, phone, email and the date you'd like to cancel to Unused benefits "rollover" month-to-month and expire 30 days after during membership. Unused add-ons at The Premium Level Membership do not rollover from month-to-month. Unused credits, add-ons and discounts have no cash value. Any unused blowouts must be redeemed within 90 days of membership cancellation or they will expire forever.

Member is not entitled to redeem unused credits, add-ons or discounts for cash or store credit and Member is not entitled to a refund for any unused credits, add-ons or discounts at any time during membership or upon cancelation. The membership fees will recur monthly until cancelled by the member.

Each Member agrees and understands that the Member's credit card will automatically be charged the applicable monthly fee for the Member’s membership level. It is each Member's responsibility to keep ADU informed of accurate billing information. A new form must be completed for any changes in billing information. The monthly fee will be charged automatically and approximately on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made.

Each membership enrollment entitles member to 12 months of price guarantee. ADU reserves the right to offer, adjust or cancel any plan offered. If ADU terminates a TEXture Club or a Member's membership in text, the Member's credit card will not be charged for the next billing period and the terms applicable to canceled memberships. Membership Agreement: Any unused credits must be redeemed within 90 days of membership cancellation or they will expire forever. If a member upgrades the member’s membership level, any unused blowouts at the time of the upgrade will roll over to the upgraded membership. All Dolled Up Salons reserves the right to adjust membership pricing at the end of each enrollment period.


I would like to get a service other that the TEXTURE CLUB offerings. Can I apply my benefit to these?

YES! You can apply your Texture Club membership status to any salon experience. Redeemable up to $80 in benefit credits.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade at any time prior to your next billing cycle. 

How can I cancel my membership?

Texture Club is a NO CONTRACT membership club. You can cancel at anytime. You can provide written notice 30 days before next accrual. You can also consider " FREEZING " your members for $10/month to avoid future "initiation fees".

How can I freeze my account? 

Freeze account allows you to miss some time off by floating your membership for $15/Month. Contact ADU Corporate at 954-572-3336

If i don't use my benefits for the month can i use later? 

YES! The great thing about our membership club is a 90 day grace for benefits usage. Your benefits will roll over to next month and be eligible for redemption up to 90 days. If you know you will be unavailable for your salon experiences consider "freezing account" to avoid future " Initiation fees".

How long does my membership last?

Each membership provides member with fixed monthly fees for 12 months. Memberships will be automatically renewed unless customer notifies salon via  email or in salon.